Setup Code Builder(Beta) in Developer Org ⚡️

Setup Code Builder(Beta) in Developer Org ⚡️

Learn how to set up Salesforce Code Builder in your Developer Org

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The long wait is over 🎊, Salesforce Code Builder is now available! As per writing, the Code Builder is on Open Beta possible there will be changes when it becomes GA. This is a game-changing tool for us as a Salesforce Developer where we can directly code in the browser in just one click 😁. Code Builder runs on top of AWS which brings us the best tooling and performance of fully working developer tools within your browser. Without further ado let's start with how to set up Code Builder in your Developer Org 🧑‍💻.

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Sign up for Developer Org:

AppExchange Link:

Code Builder Overview:

Get Started

Step 1 screenshot

2. Install the Code Builder(Beta) from the AppExchange by clicking Get it Now button.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Choose your developer org where you want to install your Code Builder(Beta).

Step 3 screenshot

4. If you can't see your account, make sure you connect your developer org to your Trailblazer Accout.

Step 4 screenshot

Step 5 screenshot

6. Confirm and your installation details, make sure you agreed to the terms and condition then click Confirm and Install.

Step 6 screenshot

7. Select which user(s) you install the Code Builder(Beta), for this we can install for admins only then click install.

Step 7 screenshot

8. Once the installation is completed, click Done then go to your Developer Org Setup.

Step 8 screenshot

9. In Setup navigate to Permission Sets and click Code Builder.

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click Manage Assignments then Add Assignments.

Step 10 screenshot

11. In Adding Assignments, assign the user which you can access the Code Builder(Beta).

Step 11 screenshot

12. All the needed configuration is done, next is go to App Launcher and type Code Builder and click. It will redirect you to the Code Builder App and Click Get Started.

Step 12 screenshot

Create Environment Using New Project option.

13. In getting started, two ways to create new Code Builder environment. Let check on the New Project option first.

Step 13 screenshot

14. Next is provide the needed details for the new project fill-in the Name and Project Type then click Next.

Step 14 screenshot

15. Click Connect to a Development Org.

Step 15 screenshot

16. Allow Code Builder to access the needed resource by clicking Allow button.

Step 16 screenshot

17. Fill in the Org Alias then click Create Button.

Step 17 screenshot

18. It will create your environment will take 1-2 mins then when it's completed you can now lunch your newly create Code Builder Environment.

Step 18 screenshot

19. Voilà! 🎉 you can now start developing your project on the browser.

Step 19 screenshot

Create Environment Using Import from Github option.

20. Create Code Builder Environment via Github Repository. Click on the Import from Github option.

Step 20 screenshot

Step 21 screenshot

22. Click Connect to a Development Org.

Step 22 screenshot

23. Allow Code Builder to access the needed resource by clicking Allow button.

Step 23 screenshot

24. Fill in the Org Alias then click Create Button.

Step 24 screenshot

25. The name of the Code Builder Environment is the name of your Github repository you imported. You can now lunch your environment by clicking Lunch button.

Step 25 screenshot

26. As you can see the repository is imported to the New Environment created.

Step 26 screenshot

27. One thing that amaze me it that there is integrated terminal where you can do a bunch of things.

Step 27 screenshot


Awesome! ! ! Code Builder is a very amazing tooling tool. This will lead our development to a next level. Let get back again when Code Builder in on GA let's see if there's new interesting feature when can use. 😉 Thank you! Happy hacking ... 💻

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